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After Std X, a young student is poised at a very critical juncture in his academic career. The next two years will lay the foundation for his future career. When selecting the coaching institute your child will attend to prepare for his dream career in engineering or medical, we recommend you seriously review what your child needs.

At IITMINDS, we believe even the most talented students need to push harder to raise the bar. They need the right guidance to help them identify their core strenghts and bulid on those. They also need teachers and mentors who will work closely with them to understand their weakness and correct these.

We achieve this at IITMINDS by maintaining small batches, and working intensely with each student. After all, the better we know you, the higher we can help you soar.


At IITMINDS you will find a very powerful system that can help you to unfold your potential to its fullest. What is required is your total dedication and hard work, If you have just one dream “SUCCESS AT JEE / NEET / HSC / SSC”, then IITMINDS is just for you. With our courses you are sure to gain the confidence and develop skills which go into making you a ranker.

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