Unique Study Material

Authentic, exhaustive, comprehensive yet concise, the study material comes in the form of professionally printed books / booklets and e-books compiled by our experienced faculty members.

Regular Tests

The institute conducts regular tests throughout the year, and provides prompt feedback. This helps us to constantly track and monitor performance. We share the same with parents, both for individual assessment and relative rankings.

Strict Attendance Rules

At IITMINDS, attendance is mandatory for all lectures and tests. Parents are advised to ensure their child’s regularity and punctuality for the lectures and tests. High scores at the competitive exams are not possible without proper attendance and regular assessment.


Misbehavior or non-compliance with rules and regulations of the institute will disqualify students from further attendance, solely at the cost and risk of the student’s own future. Carrying and use of mobile phones in the classroom is strictly prohibited.

Biometric and CCTV Surveillance Cameras

IITMINDS is now using Biometric Time Attendance to track student's attendance in lectures and exams in an efficient manner. Parents are informed immediately via SMS if their ward is found absent in lectures and exams.

Student Queries and Grievance Cell

A student Queries and grievance cell has been started as a part of the institute student welfare initiative to address all the enquiries and problems of students related to admission, studies, examinations and performance.

Counselling Sessions

A good performance at the exams is the result of joint efforts of the student, teachers and guardians. Accordingly, we conduct joint counseling sessions that help parents find ways to better support the student during study.

Library Facility

Our branch is fully equipped with a comprehensive set of books. The students can access a wide range of material for reference and additional practice.